mmol/L to g/l conversion table

How to use the mmol/L to g/l conversion table?

If you need to convert units of measurement from mmol/L to g/l (or mg/dL), this conversion table can help you. Just follow these simple steps to quickly convert your lab test results:

1. Find the mmol/L value on your lab test report.

2. Use the conversion table below to find the equivalent value in g/l.

3. Multiply the value in g/l by the appropriate number of decimal places to get the final result in grams per liter.

For example, if you have a result of 4.5 mmol/L, use the conversion table to find that the equivalent value in g/L is 77.5. Multiply 77.5 by 0.01 to get 0.775 g/l.

Use this handy conversion chart to easily convert units from mmol/L to g/l: